The National Benefit Authority Offers Resources for Canadians with Disabilities

The National Benefit Authority has branded itself as being “passionate about helping Canadians with disabilities.” But what does this really mean? For a Canadian living with disabilities, it is a resource to help qualify for and maximize the government tax benefits that are available. This is a special service that is available to Canadians. Anyone living with a disability in Canada should learn about what this organization can offer them.

Disability Resources Available to Canadians

There are many tax benefits that the Canadian government offers its citizens, but the process of applying for these benefits can be complex and tedious without anyone to help you through it. And even for those who are already receiving disability benefits, there are often better ways to maximize the discounts and tax breaks that they don’t know about. This is why many disabled persons in Canada turn to organizations like The National Benefit Authority. Many people who make this choice begin receiving money through the benefits program in fewer than 120 days from the day they begin the application process.

One of the best things about the tax benefits program from the Canadian government is that it is retroactive for as long as a decade, meaning the taxpayer and/or their caregivers can receive back tax refunds for as many as ten previous years if they weren’t taking advantage of tax benefits before. Clients that work with The National Benefit Authority can have the funds directly deposited in their checking or savings account, typically in two to three installments.

Funds to Make Life Easier

The additional expenses that a disabled person has can really add up. With additional medical bills, transportation costs, care-giving expenses, renovations to the home and the purchase of adaptive equipment, it can be a great burden to the disabled person and their loved ones. These tax benefits are meant to level the playing field for people who suffer from disabilities, so they aren’t at such a huge financial disadvantage. The tax breaks that you may qualify for as a Canadian with a disability can be used however you see fit, from a much-needed vacation to paying off debt. For many Canadians with disabilities, the extra funds from tax refunds are used for making life easier with disability-friendly adaptations to their homes, vehicles or other necessities. With a little help in the application process, it should be fairly simple to get these tax benefits.


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